Friday, January 30, 2009

SIA 2009 part 2

Two nights in Vegas two hotel rooms. I had a plan and stuck with it. Stay where you party and eliminate unnecessary cab rides. Of course I also had the help of very generous friends letting me stay in their rooms.
Night one

Night Two

Annie Fast in the green room looking gripped and glamorous before the show. There were talk of some technical difficulties, but Slaughterface handled it as usual.

My ex coworkers Jake Blauvelt, Bryan Knox and Pat Moore saved me a seat at their front and center table for the awards. Nice view for the show, Jake and Pat got robbed and left empty handed. I'm not sure why people are interested in seeing the same person win multiple awards. Maybe I'm just biased.

Peter Line was one of the presenters. I miss you too Pete.

TheseGuys rip way harder than me

Stopped for gas and a burger in Baker, CA on the drive home.

Stoked to be home. Time to get to work.

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