Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back on the Grid. Sort of.

Last June, I cut the cable, pissed off the wife and started to enjoy my summer.
What led me to that decision? Well, I was fed up with my cable service and box failing, Hockey season was over, and I wanted to spend more time out and about and less time on the couch. That all changed last night...
It was a combination of things, I like to fix things, and I was totally perplexed that the massive antenna on my roof wasn’t picking up signals. I later did some research and realized that broadcasted stations are now 2-1, 5-2, 5-4 etc. So once I did an auto tuning search, I picked up 118 channels. There is some bizarre stuff being broadcasted these days. I felt like I was in Europe. However, the highlight, is that channels are being broadcasted in HD, so for example Gossip Girl comes in 1080p. Solid picture. Seeing that we have been watching DVD’s off my PS2 (480p), Tanya was pretty hyped about the quality of the picture.
End of summer bummer
Fall is here
My neighbor is getting rid of his mini ramp
My TV works, so now my wife can totally tune me out
I guess I better start working on my squats so I’m ready for shredding.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

California Über Alles

Jerry Brown Vetos California Snow Helmet Law
In a shockingly conservative veto California Governor Jerry Brown slammed the door on Senate Bill 105 that hoped to require helmets on the slopes for anyone under 18, according to a story in the Sacramento Bee.

Brown says in a veto message Wednesday that helmets provide protection, but parents can and should make good choices for their children without the state getting involved. . . The Democratic governor says “not every human problem deserves a law.”

And on that we have to agree. California voters likely hope this is an attitude Gov. Brown continues with in other areas as well.

[Link: Sacramento Bee]

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Dave

My weekend started off a little rough. Went and skated the new Etnies concrete and got served with a nice hipper. That prompted me to go home shower and go to bed for 12 hours of sleep. Anyway, Saturday was better. Headed out to LA to the FYF festival and saw the Cold War Kids and The Descendents! So rad! Sunday, after about a year in the garage, I got the Malibu back up and running and took it for a cruise. It was Verona's first ride in the SS. Sunday with our house guest Chauvet, we headed out to The Bruery. It was delicious! Capped the long weekend off with a backyard BBQ in the Hollywood hills. All weekends should be 3 days.