Monday, July 27, 2009

The Ramp is back!

Thanks to Mike and his dog Roger for coming over and handling the ramp all day Friday. We were able to get the ramp back to better than original condition in time for my 34th birthday party. Actually a huge thanks goes out to all the boys for the many nights of the rebuild, The Youngs for hosting the party and of course Tanya for providing the delicious cake. Best birthday skate party ever!...again.

video courtesy of Chris Zam of Slaughterface.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Black Coffee Blues

4 am car service to the airport for a quick trip to Sacto. I'll be
back in time for the ramp jam!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ramp Work

In efforts to have the best birthday party part 2, we have been busting ass on getting the ramp rebuilt. I sent an update photo to Paul Brown (art genius) and this is what he sent back.

"woah bro hyme!!! is that 6" spacing on those flat bottom cross members? super rugged!! i like it! and that coping can't be stainless can it? it sure looks shiny! that would be fucking awesome!!! the pottery barn of mini ramps!" - Paul Brown

Thanks for the photo edit Paul!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maloof Money Cup

Over the weekend at the OC fair was the Maloof Money Cup. They call it the greatest Skateboard contest ever or something like that. I'll admit, it's pretty sweet. While they say they replicate all these spots from around the world (Reno, NV, Pioneer School in Upland, etc), the one thing they don't tell you is how they smooth out the kinks and make some of them a little MORE skateable. Not that it matters, all the dudes skating in this thing rip so it doesn't really matter how skateable the obstacle is, they'll kill it regardless.
A shot of the Rincon setup

Tommy Sandoval thought it would be a good idea to ollie the gap from low to high and land in a BS 50-50 above the Brooklyn banks setup and ollie in. We all wanted to watch. He got pretty close Friday night, and sure enough, he was trying it again on Sunday after the contest was over.

After a few attempts Wade Speyer decided he would help Tommy out and push him into the bank once he was locked in on his grind. It didn't really help, but it was nice thought.

Tanya and Wade grew up next to each other so they had a beer together.

This one is for my other favorite person from Danville, Jason Leith

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flight of the Concorde

"Yeah. I came to the conclusion that I hate car payments more than I like cars"
1995 Chrysler Concorde free for me to drive. Takes the pressure off the 1965 Malibu as being my daily driver. Which, the brakes went out on me last week on my way to work. No big deal.
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