Monday, November 22, 2010

Jamie Lynn ABC

We went down to the AR4T gallery Saturday night for Jamie's art show. I bid on a piece, but like everyone else I got out bid by one guy who bought the whole collection. I guess that's a Bummer High.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Phone Balls

photo: Tall Todd

A new low.
I guess this way, you can match your truck.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

12 hours on a Saturday

Today 2 of my friends competed in an Ironman, and they assumed it would take around 12 hours. For fun, I decided to log 12 hours of my day. Here it is.

7:00-7:03 woke up and let the dog out to go pee.
7:03-8:03 laid back in bed.
8:03-8:40 ate breakfast, took out the trash, picked up dog poop.
8:40-9:19 browsed the Internet. Could not track Skyler or Brandon in the ironman.
9:19-9:27 pooped
9:27-9:55 vacuumed
9:55-10:25 stretched
10:25-10:35 showered
10:35-11:26 watched 2 episodes of Blauvelt's backcountry.
11:27-12:07 talked to my mom on the phone
12:07-12:33 laundry
12:33-12:53 house cleaning
12:53-12:58 talked to my brother Jon in mammoth, got the snow report.
12:58-1:12 watch some shred flicks on my phone
1:12-1:51 lunch
1:51-2:21 watched bucky's bowl-b-q
2:21-4:05 went to the recycling center got into a minor fender bender at Newport and 19th went to auto parts store for malibu parts
4:05-4:22 remade guest bed
4:22-4:50 got ready
4:50-5 dishes
5-5:25 watched hockey
5:25-6 drove to laguna beach
6-6:25 la sirena grill
6:25-6:55 walked on the beach to the AR4T gallery
6:55-still going... Jamie Lynn art show

Quik trip to Mammoth

We headed to Mammoth for opening weekend on the Quiksilver bus and it was a good time. Whenever I get to go to Mammoth, and not drive, it's awesome! Opening weekend was one of the best they have ever had. The snow was awesome, the sun was out and the party featured The Sounds. Here are a few pics, that I didn't take.

Quik bus. Can you spot the super pro?
photo: Peter Morning

Mammoth Scenic
photo: Stefan Clausen

Maja of The Sounds
photo: Chad Martin
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