Saturday, November 20, 2010

12 hours on a Saturday

Today 2 of my friends competed in an Ironman, and they assumed it would take around 12 hours. For fun, I decided to log 12 hours of my day. Here it is.

7:00-7:03 woke up and let the dog out to go pee.
7:03-8:03 laid back in bed.
8:03-8:40 ate breakfast, took out the trash, picked up dog poop.
8:40-9:19 browsed the Internet. Could not track Skyler or Brandon in the ironman.
9:19-9:27 pooped
9:27-9:55 vacuumed
9:55-10:25 stretched
10:25-10:35 showered
10:35-11:26 watched 2 episodes of Blauvelt's backcountry.
11:27-12:07 talked to my mom on the phone
12:07-12:33 laundry
12:33-12:53 house cleaning
12:53-12:58 talked to my brother Jon in mammoth, got the snow report.
12:58-1:12 watch some shred flicks on my phone
1:12-1:51 lunch
1:51-2:21 watched bucky's bowl-b-q
2:21-4:05 went to the recycling center got into a minor fender bender at Newport and 19th went to auto parts store for malibu parts
4:05-4:22 remade guest bed
4:22-4:50 got ready
4:50-5 dishes
5-5:25 watched hockey
5:25-6 drove to laguna beach
6-6:25 la sirena grill
6:25-6:55 walked on the beach to the AR4T gallery
6:55-still going... Jamie Lynn art show


Luke BLAIS said...

Glad to see that your life is in order

Skyler Wallace said...

That was a lot more than I did. I just swam, biked, ran, ate and peed... boring. Thanks for following us.