Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get this Hippie a Razor

My hair has been growing out. No Alarm here, that's what it should do. Anyway, I started growing a Playoff beard when the Duck's made it to the playoffs. I found myself about to get on a flight for Austria on the same night the Duck's were playing Dallas in game five. Of course I didn't pack a Razor. As you all know, the Duck's didn't make it past that game five. So, a couple weeks in and I still have the beard. No real reason now for having it. I have to say, you get used to it, but it still sucks. Before I can even take a razor to it, I think I better use a lawn mower or some sort. Damn. It's time to get a summer trim and stop sweating from my face. Not too mention my sweet mullet that I'm growing. That's got to go as well. I can't believe my wife has put up with it for this long. Stay tuned...


So, at the Pro Tec Pool Party over the weekend, I got the chance to have my picture taken with two legends of skateboarding. Nope, it's not Lance or Salba here.

Steve van Doren & Paul Schmitt

Friday, May 9, 2008

Not a writer

First Post, not really a writer more of a talker just jumping on the bandwagon of shameless self promotion. I figure I will just post up some pictures in an attempt to gain acceptance of people I don't know. Just found the spell check button on this thing, I might be in the clear seeing that my spelling is atrocious. Yeah, butchered that word. Anyway, Let's see what photo should I put up first? This is going to set the whole tone of my blog. Damn. It's a tough one.

I might as well just kick it off with a little cheers!