Thursday, September 9, 2010

California Road Trip

Weddings, Puppies and Babies were the sights to see on this 1134 mile California, by way of Reno, NV roadtrip. More often than not, we hop in a plane and fly over all the goodness that is out there. The road can be grueling but with the right attitude, it can be awesome. Here is the breakdown.
Costa Mesa>Mammoth>Reno>Lake Almanor>Anderson>Sacto Airport>Cameron Park>Costa Mesa.
We headed out Friday night and got to Mammoth at 1 am. Woke up, had breakfast with my ol' man and hit the road to Reno. Stopped in to Pie-Face Pizza Co. and had an amazing Lunch with Pie-Face co-owner Robbie Sell and fresh UNR engineering student Peter Benchetler. Did a drive by on the ol' Alma mater and pinned it to Lake Almanor (God's Country) without a minute to spare. There were times when we thought we were going to be changing into our wedding costumes on the side of the road in the forest. The wedding, wow! Amazing setting and great times! Next morning we grabbed some coffee and Rev. Brusven and headed North to Anderson to check out a fresh litter of Spins. Still no word on if we are getting one or not. After that it was a mellow drive down to Sacto where we dropped off the always a good time Brusven and we head over to meet the new Latzen. Spent a fine evening and morning with the Latzen fam and then it was on the road south to Costa Mesa. The End.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pie-Face Pizza Co.

Robbie Sell (yeah, that Robbie Sell, the one with the best FSBS's in Snowboarding, although I could not find an image online) and a couple other friends have opened a new Pizza restaurant in downtown Reno, NV. 239 W. 2nd St to be exact. The food is delicious and the beer selection is unmatched. We stopped in for lunch over the weekend on our long road trip to Lake Almanor, but that's a another post. Pie-Face will be having their grand opening party September 18th. Go there.

Side Salad

The PB & J (pineapple, basil & jalapeno)