Thursday, October 28, 2010

Burnside turns 20!

The first time I skated Burnside was back in '98. I was up visiting my sister in Portland, and my dad would drop me off in the rental car. "hey everybody, I'm the kook from So Cal coming to skate your spot." To my surprise, everyone was cool and I had a good time. I got dropped off every day for about a week. Good times. Anyway, happy 20th birthday Burnside. Check the article over at skate daily. I stole this photo from Skate Daily. Anyone who reads this blog knows I have built a few ramps in my day, but I admit, I've never used a chainsaw in constructing something to skate.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ah the nude. Sort of

Went out palm springs for a bachelor party. On Friday when all the dudes were out golfing, I went by the skate park and took some turns in the replica of the Nude. It's fun, but not the same.
Despite the pool not being the same, the over all feel is just way different.
Oh well, FS over the stairs 15 years later. I'll take it. Of course, I'd rather it be 1995 and listening to Glue Gun and skating the real Nude with Luke Blais.