Friday, January 16, 2009

Enjoy After The Adventure

I headed out to LA last night by way of train, Tanya was going to pick me up at Union Station and we were going to see our friend Samm's new show. I had no idea how awesome the whole adventure was going to be. Lets get down to brass tact's here. I decided to hop the train at the Orange station, I figured it would be the best location for picking up the car later. So the car got parked and I had time to head over to Rod's Liquor to get a delicious beverage for my ride up to LA. I had no idea the selection I would come across. Pure awesome! Go to Rod's and treat yourself. They got you covered. At first glance, I didn't even notice this sixer of tall boys, the packaging was so good.

Anyway, got up to LA easy breezy and headed over to the UCB for the show.
Straight Genius. Check it out.

Meanwhile, while we were being tragically hip up in Silver Lake, my car was being taunted by this '65 Falcon. Good lookin' parking lot.

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