Friday, January 30, 2009

SIA 2009 (Leaving Las Vegas)

Well it has come and gone. I made it out to Las Vegas for the last SIA show ever to be held in Vegas. I guess never say never, but the plan is to move the SIA show to Denver, CO. Some people are bummed, but I am okay with this. Although, the chance of getting a free ride out to the show is probably not going to happen anymore. My camera was not used too much on my trip, primarily because my left hand was occupied with a delicious beverage and my right hand was handing out high fives and hand shakes. Here is what I got.
Austria Meets Nor Cal. So Awesome.

I got to hang out with some old Reno friends
Robbie Sell and Stephen Duke.

The only Rule my wife gave me before I left for Vegas, was that I wasn't allowed to go to a strip club with the Taylors.

I'm pretty sure Rome's decision for the Hunter S. Thompson look this year was an excective decision from the top. Rome's President Paul Maravetz pulling the look off the best with minimal effects.

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pTm said...

Dude - what if my mom sees that picture? You don't take a camera to Vegas man...