Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another year older.

Well it's birthday week at the Appel house, I kicked it off on Sunday(party on Saturday) with an epic weekend of skateboarding a backyard mini with punk rock, tacos and beer. My friends rule! from Making the invite (thank you Paul Brown) to hosting the Party (thank you Mr and Mrs Lewis) to showing up and ripping the ramp. Total success, again. Sunday was mellow bike ride down to the Legion for some lunch and cocktails. Last night we wished Tanya happy birthday. Despite us being born a few days a part, we like to celebrate completely different. Take that astrology! The ol' lady and I had a nice quite evening at an Italian restaurant that was simply delicious. Today, our little Verona is 1. She's probably digging in the backyard or napping right now. Anyway, it's been an awesome week.