Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Pro-tec Pool Party

First and foremost, thanks again to Nikki Scoggins for the tickets. Year after year she comes through with the goods. Another thank you goes out to my skateboard friend for life Jon Strattan for the poolside hook up. Here's how it went down, I have a cast on my wrist from my recent skate injury. A few days ago when my Pool Party tickets arrived in the mail, I got really excited, which is normal for this event, but then it dawned on me, I have a cast, and now I have a 12 year old's dream mission ahead of me. I'm going to have all my Skate Heroes (and Dave Lee) sign it!
For the Contest results, look somewhere else, for the signature list on my cast, here it goes.
1. Eddie Reategui
2. John Lucero
3. Chris Miller (Master's Winner)
4. Dave Lee
5. Duane Peters
6. Jeff Grosso
7. Jay Adams
8. Christian Hosoi
9. Tony Hawk
10. Steve Caballero
11. Rune Glifberg
12. Salba
13. Bucky Lasek
14. John Cardiel
15. Heath Kirchart
16. Lance Mountain

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