Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is nothing "Freestyle" about Boardercross

So Men's and Women's Olympic Boardercross has come and gone for 2010. Somehow, there seemed to be a lot of hype about it this year. So, I found myself watching it. Boardercross is probably the worst representation of snowboarding. The boards they ride, don't even look like snowboards that your average or pro snowboarder would ride, plus I don't even have an idea where someone would buy one. The course looks more annoying than fun and the fastest person wins. Big Deal. A special thanks needs to be given out to Burton for once again designing the snowboard uniforms. Nice going dudes, once again you have made snowboard pants way too short. You were given the opportunity to offer these racers some style, and you blew it. Fratastic lockerboy hero Nate Holland doesn't like tight pants. If I was him, I would blame the spinout out, fourth place finish on the tight short pants he was wearing in the finals. How does this guy think Boardercross is a "freestyle discipline?" Last time a Boardercrosser pulled a freestyle maneuver, she crashed and got shunned. No redemption this year either. So this leaves us with the Golden Boy Seth Wescott. The casual goofy footer cruising in the back of the pack waiting for all the kooks to make jocko mistakes so that he can win the gold medal again. I don't know Seth, but by the looks of things, he's doing it as right as possible. Gone are the days of Rippey throwing backflips and Palmer spinning over jumps during Boardercross races, now it's all about speed and strategy. I say you get a second off your run for every trick you do over the jumps. That would make things more interesting. It might even be a little more freestyle and a little less skier.


Skyler Wallace said...

Boardercross is where snowboarders who never quite made it as a real pro, go to "prove themselves" before they die.

And another thing, Nate Holland thinks snowboarding should be "anti-establishment", but isn't some old boardercross shithead telling the youth of snowboarding today how to dress exactly the thing he thinks he is fighting against? tard.

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