Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kuma's Corner

Last week I went to Chicago for a plastics show. I know, bitchin'. Anyway, I've been to Chicago for work before and it involves fancy steak houses and what not. This time, I decided to take the advice of Dan Mac from We Have to Chill Now. and search out Kuma's Corner. I was able to get a partner in crime in on this mission and a $20 cab ride later, we found ourselves out side of a Heavy Metal Burger Bar with an 1.5 hour wait on a Tuesday night. No doubt the wait was worth it. I'd rather book you a ticket to Chicago than explain this place. It's unbelievable. Everyone needs to experience it.

We found the right spot.

The Rack.

The Neurosis Burger.

The Slayer Burger served with Anger.

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