Thursday, March 26, 2009

1168 pages (pTm I read it so you don't have to)

In the Spring of 2000, my new friend at the time Tim (check out his band here, they are touring right now), suggested I read the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I was living in Mammoth at the time and had nothing to do but shred and read. So I read it and really enjoyed it. Totally entertaining. It instantly became my favorite book. As the years went on, I read We the Living and Anthem. For Ayn Rand, these were pretty short in length. Basically I found myself staring down the barrel of an epic novel to complete this author's fictional works save for Night of January 16th. I'm not exactly sure when, but my wife bought me Atlas Shrugged. Quite possibly, she gave it to me nearly two years ago. I put it aside for awhile, but then slowly started reading it. I'm pretty sure I lugged it to Austria with me a couple of times, up to NorCal, and of course to Mammoth a lot! In fact on two separate occasions it was the topic of conversations with house guests up there. Funny thing about this book, I don't know too many guys that rave about it, but every girl whom I have met that has read the book, loves it.

Anyway, so the book is done. I finished it yesterday and I'm stoked. The majority of my reading, was done in the past 5 months (since I've been unemployed). I found it crazy how similar the current economic state reflects the economic state in the book. I guess I wasn't the only one to draw this parallel.

I've recently been told, that Hollywood is making a movie out of Atlas Shrugged. I'm going to assume it will be a little more edgy than this

Gone are the days of the face slapping ladies?


Jill said...

Actually, Kenny wants to name a son Atlas...(but I'm pretty sure my dad would disown me).

During a road trip, we made a "Atlas Shrugged Dream Cast" list; eventually, the discussion got too heated and the list had to be put away.

Paulybagadonuts said...

Yeah, 'Atlas' is next on my list. You should read 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy. It's about something else that might happen in the near future...