Friday, December 19, 2008

Room 302 part 2.

So this blog thing is a pain in the ass. I guess my story is too long so I have to splice it up. Read the below post first I guess. I don't know, who cares. I don't think anyone reads this thing but here we are where I got cut off. We got a room to rent in Boron. 50 dollars cash. Smooth. My Favorite DD and I went out for some snacks and beverages for the night .and came across a creepy Snowman
Back at the room I found this newspaper under the kitchen table. August 21, 2008. My guess is that this was the last time the room was occupied.

5 people in a studio

So, we made it through the night. Not sure how much sleep anyone got, but all was well and sunny when we woke up.

We headed out to 4 corners. Since this is my third attempt at posting this story, I'm not even going to go into the up and back trip via Hwy 18 to Big Bear without riding. Until the next trip to Mammoth...I heard they have daily non-stop flights there now.

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Paulybagadonuts said...

oh i read this crap. you can count on it!