Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The King is Dead

Budweiser sold, gone are these days

I'm now faced with something off this List

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CCCanadian said...

But wait, don't you drive a car made in Europe? I don't understand why people are soooo upset about Budweiser getting shipped off to Stella Artois and their family of drunks. I know, blah blah, we're losing American jobs. But we didn't boycott China, or Mexico, or Ecuador, or Singapore, or Vietnam when we shipped a bunch of clothing/footwear/apparel jobs to those child labor loving lands... India took a bunch of American jobs also, but we're not boycotting Saag Paneer or Naan or Tiki Masala, right? Shit, still drink Bud as it's a delicious nutty beer - just make sure to mix in some good ol' American beers also, such as Old Milwaukee, Lone Star, PBR (Not Coors!), Sierra Nevada, etc.